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It just works

cSpoof is easy to use, but powerful and reliable enough for marketers and power-users.

Worldwide compatibility

We support almost every country and carrier worldwide. Check out the supported countries here.

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Fast and reliable

cSpoof uses an industry standard gateway to make sure your messages arrive within seconds.


API for developers

We offer a powerful, easy to use API that's available to all users. Develop your own tools or services. Read more.

Send messages using your own Sender ID with our
SMS gateway

Reach anyone with cSpoofs worldwide compatibility. Ensured delivery or full refund (your target country/network must be officially supported).

  • Easy to use and mobile-friendly UI
  • All accounts and messages are securely handled
  • Increase sales with our intuitive marketing tools

Create your own tools and services with the cSpoof API

cSpoof offers an open API for all our users. Our code samples and open-source SMS tools are free to use commercially.

  • Easy to implement
  • Versatile, reliable, and just as fast as cSpoof
  • Well documented and understandable for beginners


Unlike many SMS tools & gateways we do not charge a huge markup on our SMS messages.
Our platform is built to offer a fantastic service with very competetive prices.
Per message


$0.133 / message
  • 15 messages
  • SMS & API access
  • Number Lookup tool
  • Priority support
  • Refund guarantee*


$0.10 / message
  • 200 messages
  • SMS & API access
  • Number Lookup tool
  • Priority support
  • Refund guarantee*

More plans available here.

* You are eligible for a full refund if your target country/network does not work.
Target country/network must be officially supported. Only valid first day of purchase. More info


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travisci Client

"This is the kind of seller you dream of dealing with. Incredibly kind, respectful, responsive, supportive, and unbelievably honest. Walked me through every step patiently, provided a test credit, and it works instantly the way I want it to. Big vouch to this guy. Transferring some money in my account soon and buying a bunch of credits."

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V.V.V.V.V Client

"Tried a couple of gateways the past of months and there has always been long delays or the Unicode that include non-standard characters has failed to deliver but cSpoof works great with and without Unicode text messages. The delivery time is between 3-8 seconds so it is really fast."

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Logitech404 Client

"I went ahead and bought 100 credits and can say it actually works. This has been the first SMS gateway that worked for Sweden. I am very happy with this service and will honestly think about starting a service here in Sweden for this since you have API! You have my BIG VOUCH!"

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FiftyTwo Client

"Vouch for the service, had some issues but they helped me fix them. Great customer support and great tool."

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NohTow Client

"Just bought it. Work like a charm here in France! Big vouch."

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We offer support through Skype (preferred) and Discord.
Average response time is 2 hours.

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cSpoof lets you send SMS messages with your own custom Sender ID. Whether you're lookging for intuitive marketing options, or simply want to represent your company, cSpoof got you covered.